1. Willow

2. Deep in My Heart

  1. 3.Scandibalt/Spin the Web

  2. 4.Blessing

  3. 5.Summercall

  4. 6.The Mermaid’s Croon

  5. 7.Fuweles in the Frith

  6. 8.Shigure (late Autumn quiet rain)

  7. 9.Imbolc

  8. 10.Water - an improvisation

  9. 11.Furusato (hometown)

  10. 12.Kein Feuer, Keine Kohle

  11. 13.Spiral Dance

Recorded in May of 2013 at Hexagon studio in Calgary.  Flute player Jeff Pelletier, and percussionist Kyle Eustace, join me on this album which features songs and instrumentals with the themes of home, nature and love.  Voice, lever harp, plucked psaltery, guitar, flute, bass flute, tom, tambourine and shaker.  The album consists mainly of my own compositions along with traditional songs from medieval England, Hebridean Scotland, Germany, and Japan.


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