Roger Helfrick began performing professionally in 1994 after the release of his first album The Call.   Originally from Fairview,  a small farming community in northern Alberta, Canada, Roger moved to Calgary to do this recording and to pursue his musical vocation.

Singing since the age of 18,  Roger purchased his first harp in 1993 and taught himself to play.   He has performed with many ensembles including, the Calgary Opera Chorus, the Calgary Renaissance Singers and Players, and from 2012-2014 was the lead vocalist for Winter Harp.  His expansive repertoire has included ancient Greek, medieval, and renaissance, as well as folk music from Japan, Germany, Norway, Iceland, the British Isles and Ireland.

1997  witnessed the release of The Weaving  which combined original songs, oriental modes, and traditional European folk music.  This year also  began Roger’s life as a teacher of harp and culminated in a tour to Japan. 

Concerts coinciding with various ancient Celtic festivals have provided an ongoing focus for expression, creation and collaboration.  Started in 2000, the Mayday (Beltaine) concerts have been the mainstay but have also included February (Imbolc) and Hallowe’en (Samhain) concerts.

Growing out of a deepening connection with nature that began as a child on the farm,  Awen was released in November of 2002.   Exploring the instruments at his disposal (baritone voice, nylon-strung lever harp, gut-strung Romanesque harp,  psaltery, guitar) through a process of meditative improvisation, led to the creation of the majority of songs on the album.

        Roger now lives in Edmonton, AB and is working more with improvisation and intuition to create new works that deal with the passing of the seasons, love, joy, silence and living in the present. Out of this his new recording Willow was released in November of 2013.