1. 1.Immanent One

  2. 2.Hægt í Dögun

  3. 3.The Hunt

  4. 4.Robin is to the Greenwood Gone

  5. 5.Searching for Lambs

  6. 6.The Dowry

  7. 7.Odd Rhythm

  8. 8.Kalevala Melody/Móðir Mín í Kví, Kví

  9. 9.Lament of Tristan

  10. 10.Gaia

  11. 11.Summer Waltz

  12. 12.Joy

  13. 13.Weary Cutters

  14. 14.Epiphany

  15. 15.Eryri Wen

  16. 16.Elegy

  17. 17.Hrafninn Flýgur

  18. 18.Storm Call

  19. 19.Spin the Web

  20. 20.Green Grass it Grows Bonny

  21. 21.The Path

  22. 22.The Prodigal

  23. 23.Gamall Húsgangur

  24. 24.Awen

  25. 25.Sunfall

  26. 26.Leading Me Home

  27. 27.Evensong

     Awen was recorded in 2002 at Christ Church Anglican in Calgary.  Engineered by Mark Ellestad it was recorded live, straight to disc.  This is a single point stereo recording using a jeklin disc and two spaced omnidirectional microphones relying on placement of musicians relative to the microphones for balance and the natural acoustic of the church.

     I composed eighteen of the songs drawing inspiration from the changing seasons and improvisational explorations.  The balance of the tracks are traditional songs from Iceland, England, Wales, and medieval Italy.   


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